‘We are thrilled!’ Campaigners’ delight at news that Yearsley Pool is saved

21 May 2015 @ 10.27 am
| News

The smiles in this photograph tell the story. After months of campaigning, Yearsley Pool is saved.

Campaigners came together at the Haley’s Terrace pool to celebrate news that it will stay open.

On Monday (May 18), the new Conservative-Lib Dem coalition running City of York Council vowed to retain Yearsley Pool, one of 12 policy pledges.

So members of the Yearsley Pool Action Group met with new council deputy leader Cllr Keith Aspden to celebrate the news and thank him for his efforts to save the pool.

Thousands back the pool

Last year, Labour leaders announced plans to cut the annual subsidy given to Yearsley from 2016, which led to fears that the historic pool would have to close its doors.

In response YPAG started a petition to save the pool, which was eventually signed by more than 6,600 people and backed by the Lib Dems with support from other opposition councillors.

“We are thrilled that the new council administration has given such a firm commitment to keeping Yearsley Pool open and made it one of their stated priorities,” said Fiona Evans, leader of the Yearsley Pool Action Group.

She added:

We are grateful to all the opposition groups such as the Greens and Independents that have supported our efforts over the past few months, but Cllr Keith Aspden of the Liberal Democrats deserves special praise.

Keith Aspden has been the main driver of this support process. He initiated the scrutiny review and has been unwavering in his efforts to help safeguard this unique and valuable facility.

There is still a great deal of work to be done to resolve the operating model and reduce the subsidy at the pool, and we also want the hard working pool staff to have a future, but this commitment is a huge step forward and we wanted to mark this happy occasion with a thank you and celebratory photograph.