Watch: York student gives stupendously wrong answer on Pointless – to the internet’s delight

Sarah and Mariam on Pointless. Photograph: Screen grab / BBC
3 Jan 2017 @ 9.53 pm
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This is Sarah, with her friend Mariam. She is a first year student in York studying history. She is also fast becoming an internet superstar.

Why? Because she had a very entertaining brain freeze on cult BBC quiz show Pointless – much to her partner’s visible dismay.

You can see the whole thing unfold here…

The question posed by quizmaster Alexander Armstrong was: Name a country that ends in two consonants.

Not easy – there are only 18, including England, Ireland, Egypt and Denmark.

Sarah’s answer? Paris. Only two problems: it isn’t a country, and doesn’t end in two consonants.

In response to this epic fail, Mariam, an English literature student at the University of Leeds, gave a killer eye roll.

To be fair Sarah, a Geek Soc member at the university, stopped doing geography at A level… Needless to say, the pair went out in the first round.

The exchange caused much enjoyment on social media, as you might expect…