Watch: Shocking video shows York McDonalds doorstaff kicking man on street

A still from Andrei Osborne's video
16 Apr 2016 @ 7.20 pm
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A still from Andrei Osborne's video
A still from Andrei Osborne’s video

This shocking video was taken outside the McDonalds in York city centre.

It shows a man pinned to the ground by doorstaff said to be from the fast food outlet on Davygate.

The man’s face is banged against the pavement by one of the doorstaff. And while he is screaming the other man kicks him.

York resident Andrei Osborne took this footage with his phone. When Andrei asks them to “leave him alone” the man who had aimed the kick comes up to him and knocks his phone out of his hand.

Andrei described his film as “a video of brutality displayed by the bouncers of McDonalds”.

He put it on Facebook where it has been seen more than 220K times.

Police investigating

Police are now investigating the video
Police are now investigating the video

Police are investigating the incident.

Andrei later shared this photograph said to be the police talking to one of the doorstaff involved, taken by his friend Jack Hill.

A McDonalds spokesman told the York Press:

We can confirm that an incident took place outside our restaurant in Blake Street and we are supporting the police with their investigation.

The company who employ the door staff are also aware of the incident and an internal investigation has been launched.

Whilst this investigation is ongoing, the individuals in question will not be working at any of our restaurants.

People on Facebook were horrified to see the footage.

“This is what gives door staff a bad name. People like this that don’t deserve there door badge,” said Lucinda Mcintosh.

Others called it “disgusting” and “disturbing”. Andrei said he posted the footage to show what was going on in York.