Warnings on the risks of walking on ice after this picture emerges in York

Someone seen walking near the centre of Rawcliffe Lake in York. Photograph: Hannah Holmes
11 Jan 2021 @ 5.01 am
| News

Concerns have been raised after people have been seen walking on frozen stretches of water in York.

With freezing temperatures set to return this week, there are fears that people could fall through the ice into the water and need rescuing.

This picture was taken at Rawcliffe Lake at the end of last week.

It shows someone walking right to the centre of the lake. And he wasn’t the only one.

Tracey Pugh is a teaching assistant in the area and told YorkMix: “I myself witnessed two children from my school with a sledge, they really don’t see the danger.

“Some parents think it is OK and were actually with their children! With the NHS stretched to the max at the moment, they really don’t need this.”

York fire station manager Bob Hoskins noted the concerns and tweeted out a message: “Rivers and lakes are already freezing over.

“Please stay off the ice. Drive safely. Reduce your speeds. Ensure windows are clear of ice.”

One local resident commented on the photo: “We know somebody who lost a dog on that lake , the ice gave way and the poor dog was gone.

“If you don’t want that to happen to your child then make sure they know the dangers of frozen ponds and lakes. It’s down the street from us and this happens every time it freezes.

“We’ve seen kids rescued from it time and time again.”