Want a Big Mac? There’s an app for that! All-digital McDonald’s in York unveiled

4 May 2017 @ 5.41 pm
| Food & drink

McDonald’s in York has unveiled its high-tech makeover.

After significant investment from franchisee John Atherton, the branch on Blake Street bristles with digital innovation.

And the restaurant will also be offering a mobile ordering service via an app which will be launching a trial on May 10.

This click and collect-style service means that customers can order when and where they want and at their own pace, without having to queue.

Self-order kiosks

The first to try the new restaurant

Customers can choose to use one of seven self-order kiosks.

These allow diners to browse the menu, look at nutritional information and personalise their meals, in line with modern customer expectations.

Dedicated dining room hosts will be on hand to help make the process is as quick and easy as possible.

There have also been significant digital upgrades implemented in the kitchen to improve efficiency and the working environment.

Order via touchscreen

‘Quick and easy’

Franchisee John Atherton owns and operates five McDonald’s restaurants in and around York.

“These changes have been designed to make our customers’ experience as positive as possible,” he said.

“The new technology benefits everyone – whether that’s providing people with a chance to get to grips with using a tablet in a relaxed environment, or providing parents with a quick and easy way of ordering their food.”

The makeover has created 15 jobs. And the changes allow McDonald’s staff to widen their skill set. More of them are able to be in front of the counter, serving customers and helping them navigate the new digital menu boards for the first time.

More innovations planned

New people have joined the team
A glimpse behind the scenes

John added:

We have been overwhelmed with the positive response from customers and employees in other restaurants and we’re sure we will see the same here.

We’re confident that these new digital upgrades at the restaurant on Blake Street will be a welcome addition to the area. I am looking forward to welcoming our customers in to show off the changes.

More McDonald’s innovations could be on their way if current trials prove successful.

This could include the option to customise the burgers so familiar to customers.