Video: York says a fitting goodbye to Brian, the horse-drawn carriage pioneer

24 Nov 2020 @ 12.28 pm
| News

The procession began at the exact spot that Brian Calam would have picked up visitors to take them on a tour of York in his horse-drawn carriage.

And in that way, his funeral could not have been a more fitting send-off.

Brian pioneered the horse-drawn carriage rides starting in the 1970s. He must have taken thousands of tours around the city’s sites.

Brian died earlier this month, aged 74.

His own final journey was a poignant goodbye to a man who was fondly remembered by friends and loved ones gathered in Duncombe Place.

“He was a funny character, very likeable,” said one of his friends. “Just a nice fellow.

“This is a good idea – he’d have like it.”

Brian, who also took took many brides to their wedding and transported Lord Mayors of York in their parades, was also a taxi driver.

And a number of taxis joined the procession, which went from the Minster, over the river, past the York Railway Institute, who’s rugby team he played for, and on to York Crematorium.

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