Video: York reporter Cathy shares her grief with BBC viewers after losing both parents to Covid

17 Feb 2021 @ 8.04 am
| News

She has reported on every sort of news story in her many years as North Yorkshire correspondent for BBC Look North.

But last night’s report by Cathy Killick was like nothing she had done before.

In a deeply personal account, Cathy talked about the personal toll of losing both her parents to Covid-19 in just six weeks.

Video: BBC Look North

On the morning that Covid deaths reached over 10,000 in Yorkshire, Cathy wanted to share her story in order to give a voice to the many bereaved.

At a time when so many thousands of people across the UK are grieving, she believes it is important that we acknowledge that national grief.

Wiping away tears, Cathy said: “I’ve been a reporter for the BBC for more than 30 years. In that time I’ve interviewed dozens of people who have experienced loss.

Cathy and family

“I’ve done my best to convey their emotion faithfully – not having experienced it myself. Now I find I am one of those people.

“I lost both my parents to Covid-19 within six weeks – my Dad just before Christmas on December 2nd; my Mum just after on January 12th.

“I’ve always been struck by the bravery of the people I’ve talked to and I’ve always been grateful to them too.

“Journalism can only exist if people are willing to share their stories, so I’m going to share mine, not because I’m brave, but because I owe them.”

Within the piece, Cathy also gave huge thanks to the care-home staff, nurses and other carers who looked after her parents in their final days.

Cathy went to The Mount School in York, and her father and brothers all went to Bootham School.

She now lives in Leeds.