Video: York food sensation sends internet into a frenzy – next stop, world domination!

21 Sep 2017 @ 7.11 pm
| Food & drink

It’s a stroke of culinary genius – and it’s fast taking over the internet.

The YorkyPud is a Sunday roast dinner – contained inside a Yorkshire pudding wrap!

Told you it was genius.

Pioneered in York, the ‘Sunday roast on the go’ is being rolled out around the country.

And now this unique meal has gone viral – and people are planning to cross continents to come to York and try one.

Pudding plans

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The YorkyPud is the invention of those brainboxes at York Roast Co.

A post showing a particularly alluring photograph of the roast wrap, taken by a satisfied customer and shared on the company’s Facebook page, went viral this week.

It has been shared more than 30K times and attracted 54K comments. And on Thursday (September 21) entertainment site LadBible came along to make a video which has already been seen two million times.

People from Germany and the Netherlands are already posting about their plans to travel to York just to get their mits on a YorkyPud.

“It’s just caught people’s imaginations,” said YorkyPud’s co-inventor – York Roast Co boss Wayne Chadwick.

Three years in the planning

Wayne Chadwick tucks into to the YorkyPud

The York Roast Co – formerly York Hog Roast – has been selling its pork sandwiches since it opened its first shop on Goodramgate in 2004.

Three years ago Wayne brought his team together to see if they could dream up new products – and it was this think tank which dreamed up the Yorkshire pudding wrap.

But it took a lot of trial and error to perfect a technique of creating the wrap in a matter of minutes, as required by their customers.

Creating the wrap in the Low Petergate store
Home to York’s new favourite food

The trick is using a panini press. And the first YorkyPud – using an eight inch pudding filled with meat, stuffing, veg and gravy – only went on sale in March.

It soon caught on. “It’s very popular with students,” Wayne told YorkMix.

“It’s a full meal. They can phone their mum and say, “I’ve had a Sunday dinner”.’

People have been queuing round the block for YorkyPuds

You can choose pork, beef or chicken, with prices varying from £5.75-£6.75.

He’s since rolled the YorkyPud out from the Low Petergate and Stonegate shops to the other branches of York Roast Co in Chester, Shrewsbury and Salisbury – and it’s gone down a storm there too.

Now he’s planning to open new shops in Bath and Cambridge. And seeing the popularity of the YorkyPud online, he’s looking to open more around the UK – and maybe beyond – to match the huge appetite for this culinary work of genius.