Video of York dog’s first experience of snow goes viral – and even appears in the Washington Post

3 Dec 2017 @ 7.40 pm
| Entertainment

He had never seen snow before. And judging by this video, his first experience of the white stuff was a revelation.

Truffle, a cocker spaniel, went joyfully bonkers when the snow came down in York on Thursday (November 30).

Fortunately his owner, Jo Ellery, was on hand to capture these magical moments on camera.

When she shared the video on Twitter it went viral. To date it has had nearly 100K retweets and 300K likes.

[arve url=”” mode=”normal” title=”Truffle in the snow” /]Jo’s video from her Twitter feed

‘A dog mama’s dream’

Another image of Truffle from Jo on Twitter

Jo, who works as the general manager at the Star Inn The City restaurant, has had messages and pictures from dog owners all round the world.

And her video even appeared on the website of venerable US newspaper the Washington Post.

Jo was delighted that Truffle had become an internet sensation. “The last time I had a Big Tweet it was about 8k retweets. This one… over 10 million people have had a look at my dog,” she wrote on Twitter.

Jo told YorkMix:

It’s unbelievable, really – my mum took him for a walk today while we were at work and he got recognised by some other dog walkers!

I think we’ll have to get him a pair of sunglasses as a disguise.

Fortunately the fame hasn’t gone to his head!

Truffle is 18 months old. “We’ve had him since September 1 2016 when he was eight weeks old,” Jo told us.

“Our friend Richard Blades breeds working cocker spaniels – we went along just to have a look at a litter of puppies, and accidentally came home with Truffle!”

It’s not the first time she’s caused a few viral waves on the web.

It was Jo who revealed the brilliant inquiry to the Star Inn The City asking whether he would get “a proper fat lad’s plateful” if he dined there with his girlfriend!