‘Vile’ gatecrashers trash York home with baseball bats and kill family pets

19 Nov 2019 @ 9.50 am
| Crime, News

Party gatecrashers have trashed a family home in York, smashing walls with baseball bats, leaving drugs around and killing the pet fish.

A video posted by Katie Pulleyn on Facebook – later taken down – shows the aftermath of the invasion of the home at Wigginton Road, Haxby.

It reveals a shocking amount of damage caused, with the contents of cupboards emptied down the stairs, belongings strewn across the floor and whole rooms wrecked.

Katie described the culprits as ‘vile and horrible’.

Her sister invited some close friends around while her parents were away but others arrived uninivited.

Katie posted:

  • Imagine thinking this is an acceptable way to leave somebody’s home.

    So disgusted by the scroats who tore my family house apart like this, to consider them being my sisters “friends” but used baseball bats to smash our walls and furniture. Disgusting.

    And on top of that routed through all our cupboards and wardrobes, smashed and damaged family photos, killed my fish and terrorised my mum’s dog. Horrible horrible people.

She said they burned family photos, smashed light bulbs and left the house “full of sick, drugs and broken glass”.

Their actions had left her sister and her friends traumatised.

She added: “I am begging that those who took my iPhone X, at least £40 cash from my sisters room and other belongings will return them. Via post, drop them on the doorstep or grow a pair and bring them back.”

The police have been informed. A North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said:

  • Police were called by on the afternoon of Saturday 16 November after damage was caused to the inside of a residential property on Wigginton Road in York.

    Initial reports were that the cause of the damage was unknown. However, following further enquiries it was reported that the damage was caused by guests at a house party the night before.

    On speaking to the owner of the property who was away at the time, they indicated that they did not wish to make a formal complaint.