Video: Vikings storm Parliament Street to reveal York Dungeon reopening date

One Direction have let themselves go… Photograph: Anthony Chappel-Ross
14 Apr 2016 @ 7.26 pm
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A boat-load of Vikings tipped up in the centre of York on Thursday (April 14).

It turns out they had been heading for York Dungeon, but got stranded in the middle of landlocked Parliament Street.

No matter, they took the opportunity to let startled passers-by know the good news: York Dungeon is to re-open next month.

They have picked the suitably spooky date of Friday the 13th – of May to start welcoming back visitors.

That will be the first time the dungeon on Clifford Street has opened since it was inundated with floodwaters at Christmas.

Battles and viper pits

These hairy chaps will be the new stars, as the attraction launches its new interactive show, Vengeance Of The Vikings.

When the dungeon reopens visitors will find themselves in the heart of the Viking battle, said its operations manager Andrew Turner.

“They’ll learn all about the torturous techniques employed by this ruthless race, which was famed for its magnificent stature. Whipping, viper pits, and the infamous blood eagling that was enforced on sneaky Saxon invaders, just make up part of what lies in store.”

By the love of Odin, they're back… Photograph: YorkMix
By the beard of Odin, they’re back… Photograph: YorkMix

The York Dungeon has had a complete overhaul after the flooding from December and it will take you back to the past’s most horrible bits. It is now taking bookings ahead of the reopening.

Kate McMullen, head of tourism at Make It York, said:

We’re delighted The York Dungeon is back. As one of the city’s most popular visitor attractions it has been greatly missed.