Video: Meet York’s youngest buskers – two sisters who sing The Smiths while juggling

Young performers Genevieve, 11, and Franchesca, 9. Photographs: YorkMix
2 Jun 2016 @ 7.19 pm
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Morrissey, eat your heart out (and that’s not easy for one of the world’s most famous vegetarians…)

Meet Genevieve, 11, and her sister Franchesca, nine, who are quite possibly York’s youngest buskers.

And the pair, who occasionally perform at the top of Shambles, sing a mean version of The Smiths’ classic single Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now – even though the band split 18 years before Genevieve was born.

Not only that, but Franchesca juggles throughout the rendition – something Morrissey never managed.

The girls hail from Bradford, and come across to York sometimes with their dad Daryll, himself a street performer.

Don’t they get nervous?

“It is a bit scary when you first go out,” said Genevieve. “But once you start, it’s fun.”

They had quite a few coins to count at the end of their session on Wednesday (June 1). “Sometimes we get money, sometimes we don’t,” Franchesca said.

“We just like singing.”

Lovely to see

The girls with dad Daryll, who regularly performs in King's Square
The girls with dad Daryll, who regularly performs in King’s Square

Daryll, who goes under the stage name the Fabulous Kapow Sisters, climbs to the top of a 10ft platform in King’s Square and juggles with fire while blindfolded.

He admits to being very proud of his daughters.

“I actually tried to dissuade them from doing it. But they were quite insistent,” he told YorkMix.

“Now it’s lovely to see them as I’m getting ready to go on, singing, doing the dances and Franchesca juggling as well.”