Video: Malton butcher caught on camera – Murder trial jury shown CCTV of night Libby disappeared

20 Jan 2021 @ 7.45 am
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A jury has watched CCTV footage showing the movements of Pawel Relowicz and Libby Squire on the night she disappeared.

A detective showed Sheffield Crown Court images of Relowicz and Ms Squire, taken from cameras around Hull, East Yorkshire, on the evening of January 31 2019 and into the following morning.

Polish-born Relowicz, 26, who worked as a butcher at Karro Foods in Malton and lives at Raglan Street, Hull, denies raping and murdering philosophy student Ms Squire.

Detective Constable James Grandidge, of Humberside Police, played a number of CCTV clips to the jury of five men and seven women showing the separate movements of Ms Squire and Relowicz and the moments they were seen together:

  • around 11.20pm on January 31 – Ms Squire and her friends are seen arriving at The Welly nightclub on Beverley Road.
  • 11.21pm – footage from inside the entrance to The Welly shows Ms Squire standing to one side speaking to her friends after being refused entry.
  • 11.26pm – Ms Squire’s friends are seen walking into The Welly and a taxi, containing Ms Squire, is seen setting off behind them.
  • 11.26pm to 11.52pm – Relowicz drives his silver Vauxhall Astra from Cranbrook Avenue to Haworth Street – with a 20-minute stop in Alexandra Road.

Falls to the ground

‘Intercepted’: Libby Squire

Richard Wright QC, prosecuting, said: “The journey from Cranbrook Avenue to Haworth Street is not an unbroken journey in time. There’s a period of time when the vehicle stops again in Alexandra Road.”

  • 11.29pm – CCTV footage shows Ms Squire’s taxi turning from Beverley Road on to Wellesley Avenue, where she lived with three other students, the court heard.
  • 11.34pm – Mr Grandidge showed footage of Ms Squire at the door of a house on Wellesley Avenue, near its junction with Beverley Road.

The jury has heard that Ms Squire went into this house after one of its residents heard her crying outside.

  • 11.36pm – Ms Squire is seen leaving the house and walking on to Beverley Road. She crosses the road and continues towards the junction with Haworth Street.
  • 11.39pm – Ms Squire is seen falling to the ground.

‘Intercepts’ Libby

Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of Pawel Relowicz

Dashcam footage captured by a passing motorist shows Ms Squire on the pavement, “very close” to the kerb.

  • 11.40pm – footage shows a silver Citroen Picasso, containing Roland Jacobs and Alan Jones, stopping and Mr Jacobs getting out and walking to Ms Squire. He is seen helping her up off the ground before sitting her on a wall.
  • 11.49pm – Mr Jacobs and Mr Jones drive away in the Citroen. The jury has heard that Mr Jacobs could not understand Ms Squire, who started to swear at him, and they left after trying to help for just short of 10 minutes.
  • 11.52pm – another passer-by, Lorna Allen, is seen approaching Ms Squire.
  • 11.57pm – Relowicz is seen getting out of his car on Haworth Street and walking on to Beverley Road past Ms Squire, crossing the road, and going out of sight into Beresford Avenue.
  • 11.59pm – Ms Squire is seen walking down Beverley Road. Mr Wright described her as “moving from side to side on the pavement” and Mr Grandidge told the jury she “stumbled” on to the road at one point.

Thirty seconds later, Relowicz leaves Beresford Avenue and walks in the same direction on the opposite side of the road. After around half a minute, he crosses the road and “intercepts” Ms Squire. They both disappear into the grounds of a former nunnery.

  • 12.01am February 1 – Mr Wright told the jury that Ms Squire and Relowicz are seen emerging from the grounds after 58 seconds and walking back up Beverley Road.
  • 12.02am – one minute and nine seconds later, they reach the entrance to Haworth Street.
  • 12.03am – Relowicz returns to his car and is seen sitting in the driver’s seat with his feet outside the vehicle.
  • 12.06am – a Renault Scenic, which has been parked in Haworth Street, leaves and Relowicz is seen standing up and walking towards Beverley Road.

The jury was shown enhanced footage from a camera on Haworth Street showing two figures walking across the end of the street before appearing to stand together and then moving towards Relowicz’s car.

Footage from another camera showed Ms Squire’s leg stepping into the passenger side of the car before she enters and sits down. Relowicz is then seen coming to the driver’s side and getting into the car.

  • 12.08am – the vehicle leaves Haworth Street and is seen on CCTV footage travelling to Oak Road playing fields.