Video: Harry Gration’s BBC Look North blooper leaves studio in hysterics

18 Oct 2017 @ 6.44 pm
| Entertainment

It was one of those unscripted moments that leaves the folk in the studio and the viewers at home creased up together.

When Harry Gration went slightly AWOL from the script on BBC Look North last night (Wednesday) it created waves of laughter across Yorkshire.

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One of our most consummate broadcasters, Harry is normally an exceptionally smooth talker.

But even he can make the occasional slip-up. On the early evening Look North on BBC One, York resident Harry misread the autocue.

Linking to an item about the chances of a Yorkshire Christmas tree being chosen for Downing Street, he was meant to say “Mmmm, wonder where that could be…” But instead it came out “M – M – M wonder…”

He immediately burst out laughing, along with co-presenter Keeley Donovan.

At the end of the Christmas tree report Keeley revealed the problem. And when you see the autocue, you can understand why Harry mispoke (even though it was Keeley’s line)…

After Keeley had finished cleaning his glasses on his tie, Harry ended the show with the words: “Good evening and welcome to the programme!

“I’ll never live this down, will I…”