Video: Deliveroo riders’ protest in York city centre set to end – but the dispute is not over

11 Oct 2020 @ 11.03 am
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The Deliveroo workers’ protest outside the Five Guys outlet on Low Petergate in York is set to end on 31 October.

But the row over not being paid for waiting times at the fast food chain is not over yet.

Jack Rhodes Bernays, who is spokesman for the IWGB (Independent Workers of Great Britain), says further boycotts will be take place across the UK until Deliveroo and Five Guys do something about their conditions.

The couriers are not accepting deliveries between 11am and 11pm on Thursdays during October as a protest about being kept waiting fot up to 40 minutes to collect the food. That’s time hanging around that they don’t get paid for.

In some cases riders have only been getting through one order in an hour and earning less than £4.

They argue that this makes it impossible to pay bill and keep a family going.

Their message is chalked on the pavement outside Five Guys every Thursdays

Jack Rhodes Bernays, from the IWGB, said: “If we are going to have to wait 15-30 minutes on average for an order then we deserve to be paid for that time and we have had a positiove reaction from the public over this issue too.”

Deliveroo’s response

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A Deliveroo spokesperson gave us this response when we ran a previous story on the dispute:

“Deliveroo riders in York earn well above the national minimum wage on average.

“Our teams on the ground speak to riders in York often and consistently hear that satisfaction levels are high. Deliveroo is committed to supporting riders, who are at the heart of the company.

“This campaign is seeking to prevent families from being able to order their favourite foods, prevent restaurants from increasing their sales and to stop Deliveroo riders from completing deliveries and earning.

“This sort of disruptive behaviour is by no means representative of the majority of Deliveroo riders, who are hard-working, want to support local restaurants and want to make sure people get their food.”