Video claims to show ‘couple having sex in public’ in York

The footage was shot from outside the Kings Arms. Photograph © Allan Harris on Flickr
11 May 2018 @ 7.59 pm
| News

A video has emerged which claims to have captured a couple having sex in York city centre.

The 21-second clip, filmed from outside the Kings Arms by the river, shows what the person who took the footage says was an amorous couple on Queens Staith on the opposite bank.

It was shared by York university website The Tab.

The blurry footage also shows people outside the pub clapping and cheering.

*Warning: Don’t watch if you are of a sensitive disposition – although you can’t see a lot TBH*

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The Tab quotes the man who filmed the footage over the Bank Holiday weekend, Gavin Cuthbertson, who said the couple emerged from underneath the bridge “where they were also having sex”.

He is quoted on the website saying: “They then continued to do it on the floor opposite for around 45 minutes while everyone cheered and whistled at them.

“At one point the man tried to fight people who came close, then carried on with his activities.”

But some have thrown doubt on the account. This was an exchange on The Tab‘s public Facebook post: