Video: Bed pipes and room tricks – the weird world of Treasurer’s House

23 Aug 2017 @ 11.32 am
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Treasurer’s House is a very odd place – and all the better for it.

And now guests can find some of the quirkiest features of this historic York property thanks to The Oddities Tour.

This guides visitors to some of the eccentric, curious and downright weird features dotted around its many rooms.

Strange things like a pipe that pokes out of the top of a bed canopy. Or a fire hydrant which hints at the former owner’s fire-starting fetish.

Or the missing Dogs Of Fo…

Frank’s weird world

Treasurer’s House

Minster Yard, York YO1 7JL

Open daily, 11am-4.30pm


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Treasurer’s House and its collection as we know it today reflect the eccentricity of its former owner Frank Green.

A wealthy industrialist, he lived here from 1897 to 1914, giving the historic property to the National Trust in 1930.

And it was Frank who would set his own factories ablaze to test the response of his staff.

Find out more in our video. And to make the discoveries yourself, head to Treasurer’s House, pick up the free leaflet and start exploring…

Frank Green on horseback. Photograph © National Library of Ireland on Flickr
The pipe sticking out of the top of the bed canopy in the Queen’s Room. But why…?