Video and 16 pix: The moment four trains made railway history near York

23 Apr 2017 @ 11.36 am
| Transport

This epic photograph shows transport history being made near York.

Taken by Nigel Holland just after 6am this morning (Sunday) it captures the moment when four trains travelled side-by-side on the tracks for the first time.

Representing four different generations of railway history, Flying Scotsman steamed its way alongside three trains from the Virgin fleet: an HST, InterCity225 and its new Azuma.

Once in a lifetime

Past, present and future on track. Photographs: David Parry

The once in a lifetime event was organised by Virgin Trains, National Railway Museum, Network Rail, Welcome to Yorkshire and Hitachi to celebrate the start of a new chapter for one of the country’s most iconic railway lines.

The journey though the Yorkshire countryside was enjoyed by crowds of rail fans who took advantage of viewing points along the route to marvel at the unique spectacle, which concluded at York station.

The team behind the historic event
An epic line-up

Managing director for Virgin Trains on the east coast David Horne: said “With our new Azuma trains entering service next year, this has been an opportunity to celebrate the icons of the railways and look forward to 2018 when we’ll usher in a new era for travel on the East Coast route.”

A remarkable sight
The newest of the engines on show, the Virgin Azuma
The quartet were cheered on
Flying Scotsman leads the way
Flying the flag

Paul Kirkman, National Railway Museum director, said: “In what is genuinely a world first with our engines of the past, present and future coming together in this way, the National Railway Museum is delighted to have supported this unique celebration of our railway heritage, unlikely to be seen again in our lifetimes.

“It’s fitting to see the Flying Scotsman participate in something of this magnitude.”

The Azuma is a crowd-pleaser at York station
Snapping the future
There was a lot of media to capture the event at York station. Here Virgin Trains boss David Horne is interviewe
Flying Scotsman and Virgin Trains new Azuma arrive at York Station

He’ll never forget it
A once-in-a-lifetime moment