Upgrade planned for Monks Cross traffic lights – delays expected

The junction between Jockey Lane and Kathryn Avenue at Monks Cross. Photograph © Google Street View
23 Apr 2019 @ 2.28 pm
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Work starts soon to upgrade the traffic signals at Monks Cross.

Traffic lights at the junction of Kathryn Avenue and Jockey Lane at Monks Cross are being replaced by City of York Council.

The work – which starts on Monday 29 of April and will last about four weeks comes ahead of the new York Stadium and Leisure Complex opening later this year.

City of York Council says the stadium complex

  • is predicted to impact on the existing transport network, which will change the travel patterns and vehicle volumes at the junction.

    The traffic signal equipment whilst not life expired, will not provide the flexibility and communications features that would assist in minimising the impacts of the travel changes that might occur when the stadium opens.

    Replacing the older equipment will also allow low energy LED and electrically safer extra low voltage equipment to be installed.

What you need to know

Photograph: siobhandolezal
What work is planned?
The council is upgrading the junction of Jockey Lane and Kathryn Avenue by replacing the old outdated traffic signals with new, more reliable, ones. The introduction of CCTV and updated vehicle detection will allow traffic to be monitored and managed more effectively than the existing signal infrastructure. There will also be some minor amendments to the footway and pedestrian crossings at the junction.

When is this happening?
Work starts on Monday 29th April 2018 and is expected to last for around 4 weeks. The hours of working will be 7.30am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday and 9am – 3pm Saturdays.

What will be the impact on traffic?
It is anticipated that two way running will be maintained during peak periods. Temporary traffic signals will be in place at the junction for up to two weeks towards the end of the works. Motorists are expected to experience some delays while the works are underway.

What about crossing the road?
Temporary signalised crossing points will be provided for up to two weeks towards the end of the works. All footways, when closed, will be replaced by a physically segregated footway around the working area. A traffic marshall will be on site to assist with pedestrians crossing the road.