Updated with dramatic new video and pix: York house engulfed by flames after lightning strike

The house in flames. Photograph: Joe Holdsworth
31 Jul 2020 @ 8.58 pm
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A York house burst into flames after being hit by lightning tonight (Friday).

Police and firefighters went to the scene at the house in Haxby.

Witnesses spoke of a blinding flash of light, and then seeing smoke pouring from the roof of the property, said to be on Garths End.

These photographs were taken by witnesses at the scene.

Video: Ben Walker
Photograph: Joe Holdsworth

They thought the occupant of the house, a woman, had escaped safely.

Police tweeted tonight: “No injuries are reported and the property has been evacuated. Local residents are advised to stay clear of the area to allow emergency services to deal.”

It comes after a fierce electrical storm struck York.

The house was gutted by the fire

Joe Holdsworth, who took some of these dramatic pictures, said: “About ten minutes before it happened we were in the back garden, and we saw this massive flash in the sky.

“About ten minutes later we went inside. The pizza man came to the door and he said, ‘do you know, there’s two houses on fire in the next street?’

“We got the pizzas and put them down, and got to the field. At that point, the flames were visible and were coming out of the windows.

“And about five minutes later, the roof went in. That was when it was at its height.

“The response time from the fire department was very good. And they appear to have got it under control within a couple of hours.”

Police tweeted for people to avoid the scene.