These are the two most stylish people in York – chosen after a month-long search

Cool dudes alert… Photograph © Elena Cordery
27 Apr 2017 @ 7.44 pm
| Fashion

They are fashionable on Fossgate, dapper on Davygate and chic on Shambles.

Meet York’s two most stylish people – found after a month-long city search.

The contest was set up in conjunction with Fashion City York by boutique owner Anne McCrickard.

“After a decade selling clothes in York, I know our city is full of stylish folk,” explained Anne, owner of Grape Lane fashion emporium Maude & Tommy.

Inspired by vintage: Gilly Laverty

“But I thought it would be fun to ask people to nominate their dapper mates or beautiful best friends and give them a pat on the back.”

And out of all the nominations, the winners are Ric Fisher and Gilly Laverty.

Bold and quirky

Super-stylish… Ric Fisher

“We loved sifting through the nominations for this competitions – and it was so hard to choose one winner that we gave up in the end and chose two,” said Fashion City York chair Angela Horner, who helped to pick the winners.

“We absolutely loved Ric’s pin-sharp tailoring – especially his way with a waistcoat. And Gilly’s immersion in her vintage look is so bold and quirky – we couldn’t resist her.”

A winning look: Gilly

Gilly was nominated by husband Chris, who said: “Gilly’s look is vintage Sixties and Seventies, largely purchased from charity shops.

“She is a reception teacher and enjoys dressing in bright colours and wacky outfits for the kids. Plus she is an absolutely lovely person in every way.”

Ric’s champion was Joy Plaskitt, who loves his smart look: “He always looks great and is the most stylish man I know.”

‘The most stylish man I know’

Anne explained: “Ric and Gilly’s looks are uniquely their own and while they’re both super-stylish, neither is a slave to fashion.

“And that’s what real elegance is all about.”

Anne said this wasn’t a contest to find the next supermodel. “In keeping with Maude & Tommy’s ‘slow fashion’ philosophy, this competition isn’t about being the youngest or the skinniest or the most buff.

“This is about celebrating genuine personal style, in all its shapes, sizes and glorious colours.”

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