Top-rated street food stall to open a city centre restaurant in York

2 Aug 2018 @ 6.48 pm
| Food & drink

It is already one of the highest-rated York food experiences – even though it operates from a market kiosk.

So imagine how good Los Moros will be when it upscales into a fully operational restaurant!

The popular street food stall in Shambles Market will soon open at 15 Grape Lane, the home for many years of vegan restaurant El Piano.

Owned by Tarik Abdeladim, Los Moros has been serving up Moroccan and Middle Eastern street food since 2015.

It soon became a hit with residents and tourists alike. In August 2017, YorkMix revealed how Los Moros had beaten more than 700 outlets to become the number 1 restaurant on TripAdvisor.

Even now it is at number 2, with another street food vendor, Greek specialist Souvlaki, in the top spot.

‘A modern North African kitchen’

‘We’ll be serving some favourites from the kiosk,’ Tarik says
Tarik was born in Algiers, and he said the new Los Moros restaurant will be a contemporary journey into North African food.

Tarik said:

  • We’re describing the restaurant as a modern North African kitchen.

    We’ll be serving some favourites from the kiosk, like our handmade merguez sausages, but using the restaurant as a space to develop the food in new directions, and play with different techniques and ingredients.

    The menu is still in development, but there will be great local meat and fish, loads of herbs, lovely vegetables and spices.

Plenty of veggie options

Tarik serves up another winning dish from his Los Moros kiosk in Shambles Market. Photograph: Richard McDougall
The restaurant is due to open this autumn. As we reported last month, the El Piano team are retiring this summer, and handing over the reins to Tarik and his team.

Tarik said he’d still be making tasty vegan and vegetarian dishes.

  • One of our most popular dishes on the stall is our vegan falafel, and we’ve got some interesting ideas for new dishes we’d like to try.

    We’re so excited to open a restaurant here and to have a chance to do more with the food of Los Moros. It’s very nerve-wracking but it’s a lovely building, we have a great team and we have a lot of cooking to do.

The Los Moros restaurant will be open for lunch and evening meals, and the street food stall will remain open on Shambles Market. Los Moros will be hiring chefs and a front of house team.