‘Thumping’ Lib Dem win in by-election: video and Twitter reaction

17 Oct 2014 @ 7.57 am
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The Liberal Democrats have won the Westfield by-election in York with what was described by a “thumping” victory over Labour.

Former leader of the council Andrew Waller took the seat for the Lib Dems on Thursday night (October 16).

On a turnout of only 28 per cent, he won 1,804 votes, with nearest rival, Labour’s Louise Corson, polling 588.

The by-election was prompted by the death of Lynn Jeffries, who was elected as a Labour councillor but later joined the Lib Dems.

Andrew Waller was declared the winner after a count at Energise in York.

In his victory speech he paid tribute to Lynn Jeffries. “She was a very much loved councillor for the ward.”

He went on: “I’d like to thank the people of Westfield who’ve acknowledged the work that’s been done to campaign to save community services, and that’s something that I will be battling on for in the remaining six months before we’re here again.”

Lib Dem leader Cllr Keith Aspden congratulated Andrew Waller. “Tonight voters have sent a clear message that they feel letdown by Labour and see the Liberal Democrats as the clear alternative in York,” he said

“I have spoken to so many people who feel disillusioned with the way Labour are running York Council – particularly the cuts to basic local frontline services and the plans to bulldoze over the Green Belt.”

The full result

Liberal DemocratsAndrew Waller1,804
Labour PartyLouise Corson588
UK Independence PartyJudith Morris398
Conservative PartyJason Brown113
Green PartyAlison Webb87
English DemocratsSam Kelly5



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