Thinking of driving up Coppergate? Be warned, you’re being watched…

The automatic number plate recognition cameras on Coppergate. Photograph: Richard McDougall
5 Jan 2017 @ 6.16 pm
| News, Transport

Motorists be warned: Coppergate is out of bounds.

Traffic restrictions will come into force on the street from Monday (January 9), which will ban all but the select few from the street during the daytime (8am-6pm).

However you are allowed one transgression.

Drivers who wrongly enter the street in the first two weeks will be get nothing more than a warning letter.

And for the first six months motorists who drive along Coppergate during the restricted times will be issued with a warning letter – for their first offence.

No entry… Coppergate

If further offences occur – and for all offences after the first six months – the driver will be issued with a penalty charge notice.

The number of letters and penalties issued will be published on the council’s website after three months of operation and updated monthly for the first year of enforcement.

Eye in the sky

These cameras will enforce the restrictions

Enforcement will be by automatic number plate recognition cameras.

Signs have been placed around the city centre for the last few weeks warning all that Coppergate will be covered by a new traffic regulation order come January.

City of York Council has taken pains to get everything right after 12,000 motorists were found to have been wrongly fined for driving along Coppergate previously. This meant the council had to refund them to the tune of £387,000.

Now the council is confident that the scheme is “fully compliant with the new 2016 Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions that came into force in April 2016”.

Coppergate restrictions

All motorists – other than taxi, bus or delivery drivers – are banned from 8am-6pm. Within those restrictions it is…

8am to 10am buses and permit holders (inc. taxis and private hire vehicles) only

10am to 4pm buses, permit holders (inc. taxis and private hire vehicles) and loading/unloading only

4pm to 6pm buses and permit holders (inc. taxis and private hire vehicles) only

Executive member for transport and planning Cllr Ian Gillies said: “Traffic restrictions have been in place on Coppergate since the 1960s, but only enforced infrequently.

“The reintroduction of the restriction along with a substantial amount of clearer and more robust signage will hopefully help to reduce the number of people wrongly entering the street and help traffic to flow better in the area.”