These signs have just appeared around the Groves. Here’s why

29 Nov 2020 @ 4.55 pm
| News

Residents have been surprised to see these new signs popping up around the Groves in the last few days.

The green signs are going on the roadblocks enforcing the trial traffic restrictions, which began in September.

They depict a reindeer, a magpie and a cow – which has left some in the area scratching their head.

While many a magpie has been spotted in the Groves, it is far rarer to see a deer or a cow strolling about the neighbourhood.

But now the mystery has been solved. It turns out that these three were chosen as they have featured as pub names in the area: Reindeer, Magpie and Ox.

Both The Reindeer and The Magpie have now been redeveloped, and the Castle Howard Ox closed.

And the signs are only part of a wider creative project for the area.

Heritage trail coming

The new look blocks

When the road closures first came in, planters were used to block the streets.

But these proved ineffective, with motorists knocking them over or moving them aside.

Concrete blocks were introduced, but they are not the prettiest. So the idea was born to create more attractive signs to go on top.

The images were chosen after discussions with residents who wanted them to tie in with a heritage trail which is being put together.

An overturned planter on Neville Terrace in the Groves soon after the traffic restrictions began

A film is also in the pipeline, which will embedded on a project website complete with storytelling blog. And a mural is being created with children from Park Grove School.

So the appearance of reindeer, magpie and ox is only the beginning of some creative times for the Groves.