The X Factor team search for stars in York

12 Mar 2015 @ 9.04 pm
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Could it be your first step towards a date with the X Factor judges? Photograph: ITV
How to take part

Spread Eagle, Walmgate, York

Wed April 8 from 4pm

Email Nick

Call the Spread: 01904 289390

Spread Eagle Facebook page

Are you the next Leona Lewis or Olly Murs? Or are you in a band that could be the new One Direction?

You should head over to a York pub next month, as producers from The X Factor will be scouting for talent there.

They will be at the Spread Eagle, on Walmgate, from 4pm on Wednesday, April 8.

The event will help the X Factor team pick out potential singers and groups to feature in the televised live auditions.

Last year the same production company held a similar event at the Spread Eagle when they were eyeing up potential acts to feature on Britain’s Got Talent.

Called back

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Some of the performers at the Britain’s Got Talent event in the Spread last year. Photographs: Nick Cope. Click to see a bigger image

Nick Cope, landlord of the Spread, said: “It was a really good turn out last year.

“They must have enjoyed it because they’ve asked could they come back again and do The X Factor.”

Being a variety show, the Britain’s Got Talent event attracted all sorts of acts to the Spread – comedians, singers, a young break dancing crew, a burlesque dancer and magicians.

“They had a camera crew who turned up and filmed everybody. A couple of people got called back for the live auditions from the Spread, both really good singers,” said Nick.

“One was like the Paul Potts, opera-type.”

Great voices

Nick thinks there will be a lot of talent to catch the producers’ eyes and ears next month.

What they’re doing here with The X Factor, it just works perfectly because there are so many singers. It’s got a really good music scene, York – of all types.

I’m sure there’ll be a lot more this time wanting to take part.

And he believes there’s every chance that someone could make it all the way from York.

“I put quite a lot of live music on, and we have a solo artists playing on open mic nights – and there’s some great singers in York, great voices.”