‘The physical and emotional toll of seeing patients die is awful’ – York Hospital consultant speaks out

29 Jan 2021 @ 8.20 am
| Health

A York Hospital consultant has spoken of the toll Covid is taking on him and his colleagues.

Joe is the consultant in charge of critical care at York Hospital.

“The physical and emotional toll of seeing patients die is awful,” he said.

“Having to deliver such terrible news to families over the phone is very upsetting and personally has been one of the most heart-breaking things about this pandemic.

“The physical toll is exhausting; the whole critical care team are tired and anxious.

“We are affected by the pandemic in our personal lives too, just like everyone else – feeling fed up outside of work, but we know the way to get through this is by staying home and keeping everyone safe.”

He won a lot of support from York residents. One said: “Sending you all big virtual hugs and thanks for all your care and love to all your patients.”

Joe spoke out as part of City of York Council’s My Covid Story campaign, which aims to encourage people to follow all the social distancing rules to minimise infection.

A council spokesperson said: “Let’s support Joe, his team and everyone in York by working together to keep each other safe.”