The OS maps people have calculated the exact centre of Yorkshire – and it’s next to York

4 Nov 2018 @ 4.20 pm
| Environment

It’s the answer to the question you never thought to ask.

Where precisely is the centre of Yorkshire?

Well now we know. Because those cartological kings at Ordnance Survey have worked it out.

They were contacted by the Yorkshire Society who were keen to know where central Yorkshire is.

The OS folk have pinpointed it to a spot a few miles west of York, just off the A59 past Hessay.

“This is the gravitational centre, so if you were to place a pin on this point, the polygon of Yorkshire would balance perfectly on it,” Ordnance Survey tweeted.

And it gives the precise coordinates as 449849.854 454205.65. Here it is, in OS maps. The little star marks the spot…