The one reason to feel proud tonight

24 Jun 2012 @ 11.02 pm
| Sport
Great to see the YCFC flag held high in Kiev

It was the only uplifting moment in another night of misery. Suddenly viewers watching the England-Italy game caught sight of something in the stadium which made us feel proud.

No, it wasn’t Wayne Rooney playing like he cared about the Three Lions. When’s that ever happened?

No, it wasn’t a move where we strung together four passes in a row. After the first 15 minutes, that proved to be beyond our capabilities.

No, it wasn’t an English player who decided that, as a multi-millionaire representative of a depressed and broke nation, he had a duty to at least make an effort.

It was the sight of a York City flag in the stands.

Because how ever bad England were again, however lacking in spirit or ability, how ever grimly predictable the manner of our exit, one thing they couldn’t do.

They couldn’t overturn York City’s promotion, or take back the FA Trophy.

Any England fan made wretched by another dire and uninspired performance should get themselves along to Bootham Crescent next season. There they’ll find more heart, more commitment in one of Matty Blair’s nasal hairs than in the whole England squad.

Thank you, and good night.

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