The next attraction for York? A mini golf course – which tells the city’s story

20 Aug 2020 @ 7.19 pm
| Changing city

A mini golf course which reveals the history of York with each hole – that’s the creative idea for a new city centre attraction.

It would be installed on the library lawn, next to York Explore on Museum Street.

This historic area is surrounded by Roman and medieval walls and bordered by St Leonard’s Hospital ruins.

Explore is seeking opinions from the public on its medium and long term proposals for the area which aim to inspire people to discover York’s heritage in fresh ways.

The medium term proposal, from 2021-2027,  is for a mini-golf course telling the story of York’s history.

It would start with a Roman theme at hole 1, moving through the Viking, medieval and Georgian periods, ending up at modern York.

An Explore York spokeswoman said: “The course would be carefully designed to fit in with the heritage setting.

“In addition, the footpath leading to Museum Gardens would be upgraded to a wheelchair accessible surface, existing benches would remain, and the room inside St Leonard’s Hospital ruins would be opened up as an ice cream parlour.”

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The Library Lawn next to York Explore

The long term proposal from 2027 onwards has an ambitious vision to create improved access and interpretation of the city walls.

There would also be a new facility to exhibit the city archives, bringing this rich resource to a wider audience. These plans are still in development, and would involve various organisations and bids for significant funding.  

The plans “will help Explore to improve what it offers to the people of York and ensure the organisation’s economic sustainability,” the spokeswoman said.

Explore wants to hear what people think about these ideas.

Due to social distancing guidelines information sessions where people can hear more about the proposals, ask questions and give feedback will be held online via a Zoom webinar on Tuesday 25 August at 2pm and Thursday 3 September at 6pm.

In order to attend one of the online sessions people will need to register through Eventbrite.

People may comment about the proposals in person at the consultation event or by email to [email protected]  before 18 September 2020.