The lip-sync battle comes to York – have you got the swagger?

16 Apr 2016 @ 5.31 pm
| Entertainment

A TV hit on both sides of the Atlantic, the lip-sync showdown is coming to York.

Stein Bier Keller, Fibbers, Toft Green, York

Tues Apr 19 @ 10pm (doors open 9.15pm)


Book tickets and apply to take part here, or see the Facebook page

Lip-Sync Lollapalooza, already a smash on the York University campus, makes its city centre debut next week, and anyone can be a part of the live mayhem.

The stage: the Stein Bier Keller on Toft Green.

The line-up: comedians versus drag queens versus… you!

Lip-Sync Lollapalooza is the brainchild of Matthew ‘Stalls’ Stallworthy. A Royal Television Society award-nominated graduate from the University of York, Matthew is an up and coming sketch comedian and lip-sync fanatic.

He was inspired by shows like Lip Sync Battle and RuPaul’s Drag Race “to create a club night which provides the opportunity for those who can’t sing to become superstars for the evening”.

In the heat of battle… a shot from a previous Lip-Sync Lollapalooza
In the heat of battle… a shot from a previous Lip-Sync Lollapalooza

The first event was during the university Comedy Society’s 24-hour comedy marathon. “It was performed at 3am and a mixture of mad energy, alcohol and dazzling performances made the show a strange success!” Matthew told us.

So what’s he got in store for the first trip into the city?

The night is a mixture of a live TV show and a cheesy disco.

Prepare for amazing costumes, ridiculous props, fantastic dance routines and a whole load more surprises that will be in store! After the show, there will be the best and cheesiest music around playing till late.

It’s pretty much the maddest party night York will have ever seen…

Props, practice and attitude

How to prepare for battle and who will you be up against? We asked Matthew for the lip-sync lowdown…

Should you prepare by practising your lip-syncing at home?

Of course! We recommend choosing a song people will know and will enjoy (mash-ups are always a good option!) listening to your chosen song at least 18 times (just to make sure you know all the words) and practising in a mirror (to make sure your pulling the right expressions!)

Who are the comedians and drag queens taking part?

The comedians and drag queens are all from York, come from a variety of backgrounds and some of whom are award winning! They have some dazzling performances prepared from satirical pieces to full-broadway numbers, something for everyone to enjoy and boogie down to

What makes a great lip-sync performance?

Being original, utilising props, costumes and makeup and most importantly, having attitude!

How is a winner chosen, and are there prizes?

The winner is chosen on the night via audience cheers. Winners of the first round with their chosen song go onto the MEGA LIP-SYNC near the end of the show and lip-sync to a predetermined song. The winner of the MEGA LIP-SYNC will win the show and a “Special Prize” (usually something ridiculous purchased from Poundland earlier in the day!)

What sort of response have you had at previous shows?

We have received five-star reviews for our previous shows from the student newspapers, and some have even said that the nights have been the best part of their university experience. The night has grown and grown, and we’re beyond excited to be expanding our night further by bringing it to the city centre!