The Friday quiz: The Answers

11 Apr 2014 @ 12.28 pm
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How did you get on with our Friday quiz (April 11, 2014)? Here are the answers…

1. What is the largest locomotive in the National Railway Museum?

b. Chinese locomotive

2. Where is the founder of Betty’s originally from?

b. Switzerland

3. Which of the shows does NOT feature at The York Dungeon?

c. The Lost Viking

4. What is the oldest building in York?

a. The Norman House

5. Which of these was NOT a Mayor or Lord Mayor of York?

c. Walter de Helmsley

6. How many visitors has the Jorvik centre had in the last 29 years?

a. 16 million

7. What was once stored in the long lost Holy Trinity Church in King’s Square?

b. Sheep

8. What was the original role of the York St John University building on Lord Mayor’s Walk?

c. Teacher training college

9. Why do the top floors of Shambles buildings overhang the ground floors?

b. To protect the meat in the butchers shops from sunlight

10. What bridge is this?

c. Lendal Bridge