The films to see in York this month: April 2014

Squawk about York: Rio 2
1 Apr 2014 @ 10.15 pm
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Squawk about York: Rio 2
Squawk about York: Rio 2

The cinematic world is full of surprises this April, with some of the most highly anticipated films of the year hitting the big screen. Whether you want family time or just to watch some blood sucking vampires, there’s something for everyone.

For the family

Rio 2 (U) – in cinemas April 4

After being transported to the Amazon from their lives in the city, macaws Blu and Jewel have settled down and had three kids. But all is not as it appears. As Blu struggles to fit into jungle life, he makes some unintentional enemies and family life becomes a troubled life.


The Other Woman (TBC) – in cinemas April 25

When Cameron Diaz’s character discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she is determined to seek revenge. She enlists her best friend, played by Kate Upton, to help set the said revenge in motion.

Action and adventure

Transcendence (12A) – in cinemas April 25

A terminally ill scientist makes the decision to download his mind into a computer to preserve his life, but by doing so he soon becomes a power hungry and unstoppable force. With big name stars like Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman, this film should impress.

Vampire Academy (12) – in cinemas April 23

Rose Hathaway is your average teenager. OK, I lied; she’s actually half-vampire. Whilst being a half-blood Rose must learn to split her school work with saving the human race from vampires – no easy feat as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Divergent (12A) – in cinemas April 4

In Trios Prior’s world people are separated into different districts depending upon their personality, but what happens if you don’t fit in? Well, as Trios finds out to her dismay, you become a divergent. As the divergent race is destined to be destroyed, it becomes a battle against time to find a way to save herself.

Noah (PG) – in cinemas April 4

An updated take on the original classic that is Noah’s Ark (© The Old Testament). Jam packed full of A listers it features Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and, playing the titular boatman, Russell Crowe.

Oh the horror

The Quiet Ones (15) – in cinemas April 11

Inspired by a true story, this British Hammer horror flick sees Jarred Harris star as Professor Coupland, who enlists students to take part in a series of experiments that explore defects in human nature. By so doing, Coupland believes he can create a poltergeist. Let’s be honest, this can only end badly.

Theatre at the movies

In April, City Screen York brings the Royal Shakespeare Company to the big screen. The three-play season kicks off with another chance to see the sell-out production of Richard II starring David Tennant.

This is followed in May and June by livecasts of Henry IV Part 1 and 2, starring Antony Cher as Falstaff.