Talented York Light Youth prepare to put on a classy show

York Light Youth – full of energy
26 May 2014 @ 1.48 pm
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York Light Youth entertained shoppers with this flash mob show in Parliament Street on Monday afternoon

helen-stothard-bylineOur reviewer Helen Stothard is looking forward to going back to school this week

High School Musical is coming to the Joseph Rowntree Theatre in York this week (May 27-31), courtesy of York Light Youth, who wowed audiences last year with their performance of Joseph.

It was such a professional performance that I can’t wait to see how they interpret this 2006 family comedy.

Luckily my daughter was just too young to be into the phenomenon that was High School Musical at the time, so I was spared the repeat viewings of the DVD that many parents had to endure.

That said, I’m really looking forward to this rendition.

The young, but very talented cast, has spent several months rehearsing for this show, and I’m told by an insider that rehearsals are going really well – full of energy and enthusiasm, which was so evident in their performance last year.

The show itself tells the story of an average American high school, the typical cliques, and the school football hero Troy falling for brainy girl Gabriella, who he just happened to have met on a trip and is now enrolling at his school.

Naturally, the course of true love never runs smoothly, especially when there’s the high school diva who sees Gabriella as competition.

The Disney movie was a massive hit. The show is full of some comic moments, catchy songs and lots of teen angst.

It’s a story that will appeal to all ages, and should make for a great family night out.

If you’ve not seen York Light Youth before I definitely recommend giving them a go.

Their performances are polished and professional, thanks to experienced director John Hall, who has a long history with York Light Opera.