Talented trio keep young theatregoers spellbound

4 Oct 2012 @ 10.23 pm
| Entertainment

Rapunzel: top marks
Review: Rapunzel by tutti frutti theatre company
Venue: York Theatre Royal Studio

In our house when the three year old doesn’t fidget it generally means that he is enjoying himself – so the fact he sat through the tutti frutti performance of Rapunzel and barely uttered a word shows he was having fun.

Held at the Studio at York Theatre Royal, the show was performed by a very talented trio. The scenery was scarce but used very well and the singing and dancing of the cast held both adult and child attention.

It is an updated version of a popular story and instead of a blonde princess the star of the show is a feisty brunette who grows up living with her Nan.

Gayle Newbolt as Rapunzel, Max Gallagher as Boy and Selina Zaza as Nan in Rapunzel. Photograph: Peter Byrne
There is quite a repetitive theme to the show with a song running through it but that just draws small children into the tale even more.

Another thing we like about tutti frutti productions (this is the second we have seen) is the programme is free and includes an activity sheet. Also at the end of the show the cast wait outside to greet the audience and give out stickers.

For an hour of entertainment we give Rapunzel full marks. It is excellently written, choreographed and directed.

The cast have been well chosen for their ability to interact with the young audience and older watcher alike. We can’t wait to see what tutti frutti bring to York next year.