Swap shop: York poet organises Minster-sized music share

Disc-go inferno
24 Apr 2014 @ 10.09 pm
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Disc-go inferno
Disc-go inferno

henry-raby-headshotHenry Raby reveals a brand new way to share your favourite playlist – and meet other music lovers at the same time


I’ve had this idea buzzing around my head for years. Basically, it’s a CD swap, where people make a playlist of their fave songs, meet outside York Minster at 1pm on May 3 and swap music with strangers.

Here’s how it works.

Create the perfect playlist and burn a CD of music.

Songs that make you want to dance, love, fight, sing, cry or laugh. Songs that remind you of places, people, moments or memories. Awesome songs. Songs you want to share with a stranger.

Bring it along to the front of York Minster on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 1pm.

All the CDs will be placed in a big box.

At 1.15pm we will share out the CDs.

By 1.30pm we will all either go to the pub, or eagerly walk away with a totally random new CD keen to listen to new music!

You can:

  • Bring more than one CD if you’re really keen
  • If you can’t make the event, contact me on [email protected] and post the CD and I’ll post you one back
  • Bring a friend’s CD if they can’t make it, and take a CD away for them
  • Decide to include a track listing, or keep it a secret
  • Decide whether it’s anonymous or you want to include your name/contact details
  • If you can’t burn CDs, put the playlist online, like a Dropbox account, and bring a note with the link to download and share

You can theme the CD, eg songs about the sea, songs for car journeys, songs with female singers, songs that make me smile, songs from the Nineties etc.

Choose to stick to one artist or genre, or totally mix it up.

Include reasons for choosing the tracks, customise with drawings, tell a story with the music or leave it all a mystery.

Join the great Minster music swap – who knows what you’ll discover…