Suspected thief arrested in York – while carrying a live snake

8 Sep 2015 @ 3.25 pm
| Crime
The snake in question. Photograph: North Yorkshire Police
The snake in question. Photograph: North Yorkshire Police

York police have had to deal with some slippery characters over the years – not to mention some legless ones – but this fellow is something else.

He is, as you can see, a snake. And he was taken into police custody on Monday (September 7).

The reptile came into the possession of the law after officers were called out at about 3.30pm.

It followed a report that a man had been disturbed while trying to break into a collection box in St Wilfred’s Church on Duncombe Place – just up from the Minster.

A 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted theft in connection with the incident at 9.20pm the same day.

And that was when police were confronted with the suspect’s travelling companion.

A force spokesperson said:

The suspect had a live snake with him.

We looked after it by keeping it in a warm room at the police station, inside a large plastic tube with air holes, while the suspect was in custody.

He has since been released on bail pending further enquiries.

And the snake’s stay at the police station is now hiss-tory.