Street lamps will shine a new light on York

10 Jul 2014 @ 10.46 am
| Environment
The new, whiter light of the LED lamps can be seen in comparison to the traditional yellow light

Night time will never be the same again in parts of York as 1,500 street lights are upgraded.

The old yellow light cast by traditional lanterns will be replaced by the clearer white light of LED lamps.

The LED lantern conversions will be installed over a seven month period until January 2015, predominately in Rawcliffe, Clifton, Huntington, New Earswick, Copmanthorpe, Bishopthorpe and Micklegate.

These are the wards that house the highest number of ageing 35 watt low pressure sodium lanterns.

The council says the new lighting will help make “significant” carbon, energy and cost savings. Lights will also be reduced by up to 50-60 per cent on streets between midnight and 6am when traffic is minimal.

This is still within current lighting level standards.

Trial and costs

In January the council trialled LED lighting on four streets: Hamilton Way, Collingwood Avenue, Stewart Road, and Amberley Street in Holgate.

The trial replaced streetlights with LEDs with several being operated at 50-60 per cent. No comments or complaints were received on the varied levels of lighting throughout the trial.

“LED lighting is cheaper, better for the environment, and gives a superior quality of illumination which will help residents feel safer and improve the efficiency of the CCTV system during operations and investigations,” said Cllr David Levene, cabinet member for transport.

Estimated costs
The cost of the lantern and installation: £200
Net energy saving per lantern: £20 each year equating to £30,000 in total
Maintenance saving: £9 each year per unit
Carbon saving per year: 103 tonnes / £1,200