Strapped for cash: York is one of Britain’s worst cities for disposable income

10 Oct 2018 @ 9.10 pm
| News

If you ever feel like you have no money left over after paying all your bills you’re not alone.

People in York have less spending money that residents of almost all other UK cities.

A new survey found that York is the fifth worst city for disposable income.

Worst 5 cities for disposable income

1. Brighton
2. Norwich
3. Plymouth
4. Manchester
5. York

Best 5 cities for disposable income

1. Derby
2. Reading
3. Southampton
4. Edinburgh
5. Aberdeen

The number crunchers at studied income and cost-of-living in 30 cities around the UK.

For each city, they took the average monthly salary, and subtracted from this the average monthly living costs and rent for one person.

The result is an estimate for the average disposable income for an individual in each of these cities.

For York, this worked out at…

  • average monthly net salary: £1,938
  • monthly single person costs inc rent: £959
  • estimated single person rent: £333.

That puts a York citizen’s average disposable income at £979. The figure is better than the worst city – Brighton, at £751 – but considerably worse than the best, Derby, at £1,456.

Leeds by comparison had £1,116 of disposable income. And the national average is £1,083.

York’s relatively low average salary, and relatively high average rent, accounts for our lack of cash.