Stop the search: We’ve found York’s best response to the Trump presidency

Does the word ‘betrump’ remind you of anyone? Photograph © Gage Skidmore on Flickr
10 Nov 2016 @ 7.54 pm
| News

America’s decision to vote in as their president a former reality TV star with the most-mocked hairstyle since Chris Waddle’s mullet has provoked a fair bit of comment.

Twitter wits have suggested that Donald Trump taking over from Barack Obama means “orange is the new black”. Disconcerted Americans have taken to the streets in protest (sweeping along a York visitor in the process).

There will be a demo in our own city too, as York Stand Up To Racism organises a No To Trump, No To Racism gathering in St Helen’s Square on Friday (November 11).

But if you are looking for the single best York response to the election, look no further than Gibson’s bar on Micklegate:


This rather terrific work is typical of the Gibson’s A-board game. They have several examples in our gallery 24 of the funniest and most creative A-boards in York.

Such a shame that this art form is to be lost with City of York Council’s bonfire of the A-boards