Stars of Corrie and Versailles head cast at York’s pop-up Shakespeare theatre

The new artist's impression shows the Elizabethan village next to the pop-up Rose Theatre. Image: Neil Pearson
23 Apr 2018 @ 12.53 pm
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The cast list for York’s ‘summer of Shakespeare’ have been revealed – and it includes stars of TV dramas Versailles and Coronation Street.

Richard Standing, best known for his role as Danny Hargreaves in Corrie as well as roles in Doctors and Holby City will play the title role in Macbeth.

Versailles star Alexander Vlahos will play Romeo opposite The Musketeers’ Alexandra Dowling’s Juliet. And Requiem‘s Dyfan Dwyfor will play the king in Richard III.

The pop-up Rose Theatre is to be built next to Clifford’s Tower. Based on the theatre from Shakespeare’s day it will have 13 sides and house an audience of 950.

A trial build of the theatre has been completed, with work set to begin on the actual structure at the end of May.

The casts

Alexander Vlahos as Phillipe in the TV series Versailles

Macbeth / A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Gareth Aled (Lennox/Starveling), Leandra Ashton (Lady Macbeth/Peaseblossom), Antony Bunsee (Siward/Theseus & Titania), Clare Corbett (Witch 3/Puck), Fine Time Fontayne (Duncan/Egeus), Maria Gray (Witch 2/lst Fairy), Paul Hawkyard (Macduff/Bottom), Mark Holgate (Banquo/Demetrius), Emilio lannucci (Malcolm/Flute), Amy Lennox (Mentieth/Hermia), Rina Mahoney (Lady Macduff/Quince), Olivia Onyehara (Angus/Helena), Jordan Peters (Ross/Lysander), Amanda Ryan (Hecate/Hippolyta & Oberon), Robin Simpson (Witch 1/Snout) and Richard Standing (Macbeth/Snug)

Romeo And Juliet / Richard III

Emma Darlow (Dorset/Balthazar), Alexandra Dowling (Lady Anne/Juliet), Dyfan Dwyfor (Richard Ill/Sampson), Gabriel Fleary (Brackenbury/Escalus), David Fleeshman (Stanley/Friar Laurence), Charlyne Francis (Second Murderer/Gregory), Robert Gwilym (Hastings/Capulet), Julie Legrand (Margaret/Nurse), Tom Lorcan (Rivers/Benvolio), Joey Phillips (Lovell/Abram), Shanaya Rafaat (Buckingham/Mercutio), Dale Rapley (Lord Mayor/Lord Montague), Emily Raymond (Queen Elizabeth/Lady Capulet), Edward Sayer (Tyrell/Tybalt), Julia Swift (Duchess of York/Lady Montague), Richard Teverson (Clarence/Paris) and Alexander Vlahos (Catesby/Romeo)

Free tickets for schools

An artist’s impression of the pop-up theatre and Shakespeare Village

Four of William Shakespeare’s most popular plays will be performed in repertory by two companies of actors during the ten-week season. Those plays are…

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Romeo And Juliet
Richard III
Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre

Castle Car Park

Mon Jun 25-Sun Sept 2 2018 @ 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Tickets start at £12.50

More details

The production team are also busy sourcing performers for the Village. During Elizabethan times, actors would often travel the country performing plays on farm wagons.

Shakespeare’s Village will feature a regular schedule of ‘wagon entertainment’ with speeches, sonnets, medieval music and juggling jesters.

James Cundall of Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, which is putting on the project, said: “One of our key aims is to offer comprehensive support for school groups, to encourage young people to see these plays, in this space.

“As well as special schools performances and prices we have established the Rose Bursary Scheme whereby schools with limited resources can apply for free tickets.

“I am delighted to say we have had great take-up from schools across the north of England.”