Stars of Doctor Who and Game Of Thrones hit York: Video guide

One of the previous Doctors is materialising it the city… Photograph: BBC / Des Willie
11 Aug 2017 @ 5.22 pm
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The Doctor meets a Game Of Thrones grand master, as Star Wars characters and zombies roam the streets…

York Unleashed

York Racecourse

Sun Aug 13 @ 10am-5pm


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It sounds like the best sci-fi and fantasy mash-up episode ever. But it’s happening in real life at York Racecourse this Sunday (August 13).

That’s because it’s the return of York Unleashed – the city’s big Comic Con.

Year three has a stellar line up, with enough to delight any fantasy and science fiction fan.


Doctor Who

The fifth Doctor himself, Peter Davison, is making a guest appearance at York Unleashed. He played the role for 69 episodes between 1981 and 1984. He later met himself as the tenth Doctor (aka David Tennant) in 2007…

Also for Doctor Who fans, there’s Sarah Sutton, who played Nyssa with both Peter and his predecessor, fourth Doctor Tom Baker.

Game Of Thrones

Having starred in seasons one to six, Julian Glover has survived for longer than most in the Game Of Thrones universe. He played Grand Maester Pycelle for multiple kings, as well as acting as spy for Cersei Lannister, and is another coup for York’s comic con.

Star Wars

Look out, Darth Vader’s about! At least he is in the person of Spencer Wilding, who played the lord of the Dark Side in Rogue One of the Star Wars saga. Described in IMDB as an “actor and special creature performer” Spencer has also had roles in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Doctor Who.

Two other residents of the Star Wars universe, Pam Rose and Mel Pickup (Athgar Heece) are attending the comic con.

Cosplay and more

Expect lots of cosplay, superheroes, super baddies and more during the day. And there will be a ton of stuff to buy, from comics to games, to action figures.

Look out for…

Zombie Survival School
Autobot’s Entertainment Bumble Bee & Optimus Prime
Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder
Life-size Jabba the Hutt
Live Owls and a Miniature Direwolf
Lightsabre Training Academy
Ace Strike NERF Role Play
Burt & Alice Zombie Prosthetic & Make-Up
Shooting Ranges
The Superheroes Cosplay’s Iron Man Pods