‘Someone could get seriously hurt’: Fireworks fired at cars and buses in York

12 Oct 2020 @ 7.41 am
| News

Fireworks have been fired at cars and buses in York, as people set them off in the streets.

Police have been responding to a number of reports of misuse of fireworks this weekend.

York North Police said the problem was particularly prominent on Saturday night when they saw a large rise in reports from members of the public.

“Some were about neighbours setting them off, but the majority were about young people in the streets.

“There were quite a few reports of near misses, as well as being ‘fired’ at cars and buses.

“This has the potential for someone to get seriously hurt and it totally unacceptable.”

‘Very dangerous’

The most affected areas were Tang Hall, along the cycle track to Foss Islands Road and Huntington and Heworth.

York North Police said: “We again ask that you check with your children to make sure they are not involved in this very dangerous practice, for their safety and the safety of others.”

It is illegal for anybody to set off fireworks in the street or public place. If anyone believes they have information about the illegal sale, use or possession of fireworks, they are asked to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101.