Six to watch at the Galtres Festival

Lots of Littlemores to look out for at Galtres
22 Aug 2013 @ 9.44 am
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Lots of Littlemores to look out for at Galtres
Lots of Littlemores to look out for at Galtres

grace-clarke-bylineAs festival weekend approaches, Grace Clarke sounds out Littlemores on the bands not to be missed


Oh my goodness, it’s Galtres festival weekend.

My first – and only – festival experience was Leeds way back in 2008. I’d injured my foot following an impromptu walking holiday with my parents the week before, and this in turn led to an accidental overdose on over the counter pain killers.

I passed out for 15 hours next to the Duracell tent. I couldn’t tell you much else about the weekend except that I went to see Ida Maria by myself and got punched in the face at Rage Against The Machine.

However I am undeterred. Somewhere in the midst of discussing which novelty head gear I’ll be sporting at Galtres, whether to bring wellies or flip flops, and half joking about the very real terror I feel about my second ever camping experience, I’ve found the time to talk to Littlemores about who they’ll be seeing this year.

Littlemores are no strangers to Galtres. They are playing every single day this year so you really have no excuse to miss them– although I’m reliably informed that their set on The Duke Stage on Saturday is the one to get to.

They’ve been getting their infectious guitar-driven northern indie some impressive airplay in the past few years, with support from BBC Introducing and BBC 6music. Here is their catchily titled Local Bands To See At Galtres 2013 Mix Six


York based indie pop, frequently compared to Pixies, but there are certainly influences from Smashing Pumpkins and – I think – The Lemonheads too. Listen to Bus Stop.

Bull play The Black Howl stage on Friday.

The Blueprints

The Blueprints are too good to miss. Great songwriting supported by great musicianship. What more do you need?

They play The Oxman Stage on Friday.

The Y Street Band

You may have seen The Y Street Band playing on any street corner in York, or perhaps at Pivní. The acoustic guitar’s answer to the New York Brass Band, covering absolutely everything. I hereby state that it is impossible not to dance to this.

They play The Firkin Stage on Saturday.

…And The Hangnails

Such a lot of noise from just two people, not too much noise though. Good old British Garage.

…And The Hangnails play The Oxman Stage on Sunday

Young Believers

They may have recorded it last year, but I think She’s A Writer is going to be my summer soundtrack. There’s an anthemic chorus and banjos. I ask for little more in life than banjos.

Young Believers play The Little Top on Sunday.

The Buccaneers

They describe themselves as “dirty garage blues.” Which just makes me think of my dad’s garage full of exercise bikes, discarded tennis rackets and dead mice. I’m not sure that was truly the inspiration behind the band, but I like the idea of it.

The Buccaneers play The Black Howl stage on Friday.