Six of the best York selfies

Six of the best York selfies
19 Nov 2013 @ 8.36 pm
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Six of the best York selfiesIt is the word of the year, according to the venerable Oxford English Dictionaries team. And considering what a self-obsessed bunch we’ve become, it’s probably the word of the decade.


This craze for taking a picture of yourself, with or without mates, with or without something interesting in the background, on the toilet or off, has made us the laughing stock of the universe’s intelligent lifeforms.

What began in 1900 with a Kodak box brownie and a mirror has become a thing. People take a selfie when driving. People take a selfie with the Pope. People have even started taking selfies at funerals.

And despite York being a centre of learning for 1,200 years, we too have succumbed to this arm-aching habit. The Bang Hair Salon on Low Petergate is even holding a contest for the best self-taken photograph.

So here are six typical York selfies. Have you seen some better ones? Drop us a line in our comments, or let us know via @theyorkmix or on the Facebook page.

The foodie selfie


Stuffing your face? Why wouldn’t you want the world to see, especially as York seems to be opening a new café or eat a pastie out of a bag emporium every day. This beauty is courtesy of York City FC’s king of the selfie Ashley Chambers, refuelling at the end of last season.

The facial hair selfie


Oh Movember, launch of a thousand terrible tash selfies. But you don’t need to wait till now to brandish your bristles. This dates from January when York council leader James Alexander got chin on the action, ditching his Old Labour beard to become a more Miliband-like smoothie chops.

The not entirely appropriate York Minster selfie

Presumably some of the greatest European architecture of the last 2,000 years is behind there. Presumably…

The historic selfie


So overjoyed was Richard III to be back in York where we love him (not Leicester where they hacked him to death and buried him under a Pay and Display) that he took this great selfie. #lovintheberet

The sleepy selfie


Whatever you say about our Prime Minister, there’s no doubting his energy, dynamism and tireless devotion to keeping this country… oh. Taken at a York hotel before the wedding of his sister in law, Alice Sheffield.

The Lord Mayor and umpire selfie


OK, this is a very specialised one. Taken by Lord Mayor of York Julie Gunnell at the Yorkshire County Cricket 150th anniversary at the Minster, it also features the legendary Dickie Bird. Howzat for a star-studded selfie?