Six-foot snake found on York roof – is it yours?

A library image of a snake ball python. Photograph: Pixabay
31 Jul 2017 @ 6.47 pm
| News

It was an unusual call to North Yorkshire Police.

A member of the public spotted a large snake on a York roof and called them about 4.45pm on Monday (July 31).

Luckily officers were able to apprehend the slippery character as it basked on the Haxby Road property.

The snake, as pictured by NYP York North on Twitter
Police described it as “a 6ft constrictor-type snake” which “we think is a python”. It is now secured in a box at the station while officers attempting to find its owner.

The force put out a message:

If you have lost a pet snake in the Haxby Road area please contact North Yorkshire Police.

We have located a large snake and it is now in police custody until the owner is located.

According to NYP York North on Twitter, the police community support officers “had a 10 min struggle with this slippery customer this evening on Haxby Road” before apprehending him.

If you have lost a snake, call the police on 101.