Six fashion trends for autumn winter 2013

It's getting colder so do wrap up. Or not
2 Oct 2013 @ 10.14 am
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It's getting colder so do wrap up. Or not
It’s getting colder so do wrap up. Or not

kayleigh-louise-bell-headshotGood news – summer’s over. That means a shopping trip, guided by Kayleigh Bell


York is undoubtedly the fashion centre of Yorkshire. We have fashionistas, trend setters and posers coming out of our ears.

As we launch into colder climates the fashion conscious among us will know that this can only mean one thing: the autumn / winter season has begun and a wardrobe update is due!

We are a well-dressed bunch here at YorkMix and are keen to share our hot tips for this season’s key trends.

You may be wondering what fashion credentials I have to validate any advice I give about current trends. Well last night I saw Diane Sugden on Emmerdale wearing a shirt I bought from M&S last year so I’m pretty sure that qualifies me as fashion stylist.

Now that I have your total confidence and attention here, ladies and gentlemen, are the Mix Six big trends for AW13.



1. Tartan / plaid

This is possibly the best trend ever and the versatility of plaid is endless. Channel your inner Scotsman with a kilt and fried mars bar to accessorise. From butch lumberjack to Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, Seventies punk to hillbilly farmer- there is a place for plaid in everyone’s wardrobe.

  • Plum check box pleat skater skirt, £17.99, from New Look, Blake Street, Parliament Street and Monks Cross

2. Gothic

This is the season of dark magic and opulence, appealing to the 14-year old goth inside us all (no? just me then?). Invest in layers of crushed velvet and lace, high necks, full length skirts, and capes galore. All that been said I reckon you could get away with just digging out last year’s Halloween costume or wearing loads of black.

  • Grey velvet teddy playsuit, £40, from TopShop, Coppergate Centre and Monks Cross

3. Oversized coats

The investment of the winter coat is the most important clothing purchase of the year and this time round the ethos is “the bigger, the better”. The flavour of the season is huge, cocoon shaped coats that you can nestle inside like a maggot in pupa. If it makes you look like a barrel then you’ve hit the nail on the head.


4. Suits / menswear

Masculine tailoring and androgynous silhouettes were all over the runways this season. Dress up in suit trousers, a double breasted jacket and some dapper brogues as you shout meaningless corporate buzz words at your confused family. This style overlaps nicely with the oversized coat trend if “boyfriend-fit” blazers take your fancy.

  • Black check oversized jacket, £65, from River Island, Coney Street and Monks Cross

5. Punk / grunge

Dig out your Doc Martens and leather jacket because rebellion is going to be a big theme this winter. Anything covered in studs, chains and zips is a winner. This trend also ties in quite neatly with the tartan come-back if you want to nail multiple trends at once. Plaid shirts and ripped jeans are great for a more Nirvana-esque grunge look. I suggest pogoing around York city centre and drawing an anarchy symbol on your forehead with eyeliner to help promote an authentic punk persona.

  • Dr Martens eight eyelet welly, £75, from Office, Coney Street

6. The church

So this is a bit of a weird one but for reasons clear only to the fashion elite AW13 is taking inspiration from the church. Robe-like attire, catholic iconography and bold stained glass prints will be making its way to a high street near you. Being a monk has never been so trendy.

  • freak of nature black cathedral print leggings, £29.99, from Ark, Coppergate Centre