Six books to buy at York Book Fair

18 Sep 2013 @ 10.05 am
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Browsing for something special… Photograph: York Book Fair
Browsing for something special… Photograph: York Book Fair

York National Book Fair (September 20 and 21) has more than 100,000 books on its shelves at the racecourse, ranging from 500-year-old antiques to recently-published novels.

Here are six picks which show the amazing range and diversity of the books on offer this year.

For the horror fan


Dracula by Bram Stoker

Date: 1901    Price: £4,250
Seller: J & M Books, Liverpool

Abridged by Bram Stoker himself, this paperback of the Gothic classic could not be more fashionable in our Twilight times. It also has one of the earliest depictions of Dracula on the front.

For the art lover


Andy Warhol by Kasper König et al

Date: 1968    Price: £800
Seller: Lucius Books, York

A first edition catalogue for the pop artist’s first major European retrospective. Includes 600 black and white pictures of Warhol’s work.

For the Yorkie


The Cries Of York by J Kendrew

Date: 1830    Price: £200
Seller: David Miles Books, Canterbury

Or to give it its full title, The Cries Of York, For The Amusement Of Young Children. Try swapping this for their Nintendo DS, see how amused they are then… Includes 26 illustrations of criers.

For the romantic


Jane Austen: The Novels

Date: 1856    Price: £3,750
Seller: Andrew Cox, Telford

Not only are you getting some of the best novels written in English, they are bound in leather by the most celebrated Victorian bookbinders, Ramage of London.

For the kids


Chuckles from a Cheery Corner by Noah Little

Date: 1887    Price: £45
Seller: Peter Moore, Cambridge

Is there any part of your life which would not be improved by humorous Scotch readings? Prose and poetry from those celebrated cheery types north of the border.

For the petrol head


Twentysix Gasoline Stations by Edward Ruscha

Date: 1963    Price: £8,750
Seller: Lucius Books, York

The first book, one of only 400 in its series, by renowned US artist Edward Ruscha. He travelled Route 66, capturing the gas stations from Los Angeles to Texas.