Shocked York children watch as parent destroys their snowmen

1 Mar 2018 @ 6.18 pm
| News

Children were left shocked and upset after watching a parent destroy their snowmen.

Unlike many schools in the city, Westfield Primary in Acomb, York, has kept its doors open despite the bad weather.

And staff and children have made the most of the wintry conditions, creating some very friendly snow people…

Punched in the head

But at the end of school on Thursday (March 1) one parent undid all that fun and creative work.

The school tweeted: “Our KS2 children have just witnessed one of our parents destroying all the children’s snowmen; punching the snowmen in the head and throwing our brand new bins at them.

“The staff are almost as upset as the children.”

And shared these pictures of the aftermath:

People reacted with dismay at the news. One parent said her boy and girl “are quite upset about this as they both did the Year 6 one”.

Another mum said: “This is just awful, I know the children really enjoyed doing this today! So sad.”

One woman replied: “That is disgusting behaviour from grown-ups who are meant to set examples to their children.”

And another commented: “Hope you know who did it and they are punished. The kids will be heartbroken.”