Sex, underage drinking, nitrous oxide and sack-loads of litter – Just one weekend at a York beauty spot

Clifton Ings. Photograph © Allan Harris on Flickr
1 Jun 2020 @ 9.51 pm
| News

It is a particularly beautiful corner of York, and all the more so on a sunny summer evening.

But the police have been called to Clifton Ings several times this weekend, and not to admire the view.

York North Police have shared their concerns about the behaviour of some young people both here and elsewhere in the city.

They called on parents to do more to make sure they knew where their children were, and what they were up to.

In a post on Facebook the officers posted this picture.

And they wrote: “Clifton Ings at approximately 17:00hrs. This is happening all over York as you would imagine with the weather being so good.

“It’s foolish behaviour without the added risks of swimming and jumping in the river. Parents do you really know where your children are? I mean really know where they are, not where they have told you where they are?

“Over the weekend in this same spot we have sack loads of litter , underage drinking, nitrous oxide canisters, and even reports of sexual activity.

“Now if that doesn’t worry you it does us!”

They said they were prepared to issue £100 fines to parents of children who were breaking the social distancing rules like this.

People responded positively. One said: “Finally nice to see some action being taken!

“I would be so angry with my kids if I knew they were doing this, luckily not yet teenagers but when I showed them the pictures of all the rubbish they were disgusted too.”